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In all of my years of going for dental care, I have never known any dentist like Dr. James Romano. He is the Best! The care he has taken of my teeth, no other dentist could compare. Dr. Romano explains everything that he is doing inside my mouth, and he is so gentle. I am so thankful for being in his care as a patient at Cedarwood Dental Group.

Elaine W., Brighton

As a dental hygienist for over 30 years, I find that being a patient at Cedarwood Dental Group is a wonderful and satisfying experience, and one that I look forward to, regularly!
Cedarwood Dental Group is a caring office with high standards. Their friendliness and personal interest in their patients is evident from the moment you enter their beautiful office.
I highly recommend the Cedarwood Dental Group to anyone!

Phyllis K., Penfield

I have been a patient of Dr. Korn's for 20 years and I highly recommend him and his staff. Competence, professionalism and, above all, caring characterize this wonderful practice. Dr. Korn has provided good dental health for me and for my wife who, with her considerable fears about coming to a dentist, has been a challenge. Yet, Dr. Korn has done everything possible to set her mind at ease and has addressed her dental needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. We are very satisfied with our choice of a dentist.

Arnold D.

I am so happy to be a patient of Dr. James Romano and Cedarwood Dental Group. Their state-of-the-art office along with their friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff provide me the very best of dental care.

Sandy K., Perinton

A few years ago, I required extensive and complicated dental restorations. My family referred me to Steve Korn, D.D.S., for which I will always be grateful. Steve carefully and comprehensively described what was needed, and he then proceeded to repair my teeth in a gentle, compassionate, and highly effective manner.

His work was outstanding and enduring. He is also surrounded by an equally caring, wonderful staff. Steve Korn and his office have my lifelong thanks.

Peter H.

How nice it is to go to the Dentist! Not usually. Most people have a level of negativity, or even dread about this necessary health maintenance behavior. So here is why I go to Cedarwood Dental Group. First and foremost is the skill and the expertise of the Dentists. I have been a patient of Dr Korn’s for many years, but when he is unavailable his associate, Dr Romano, is a superb and skilled practitioner. From cavities to crowns to pulling a wisdom tooth, Dr Korn has been there to treat and cure whatever problem presents itself. He is also there to prevent any problems from happening, as preventive dentistry is the best way to maintain my health.
The office staff and paraprofessionals are a friendly, skilled and efficient team. Their calendar is well controlled so that the waiting times are minimal. They offer flexible appointments and reminders and they are available for an occasional emergency.
I also appreciate the custom designed music system that is endlessly variable and diverse, covering many genres and at a comfortable volume. So I have to say again, “How nice it is to go to the Dentist!”

Richard L.

Dr. Korn has been my general dentist for a number of years. Dr. Korn is both an extremely skilled dentist and a warm, compassionate human being. He and his staff do everything possible to make your experience a pain free and pleasant one. As a person who was fearful of dentistry for many years, I have no fear when visiting their office. In addition to Dr. Korn, both his assistant Sue and his hygienist Stacy are wonderful, gentle and calming. I have dealt with all of them in both routine and emergency situations and always have had the best experience possible. I highly recommend Dr. Korn to anyone for their dental care."

Linda K.

My wife Linda and I have been patients of Dr. Korn for the past 22 years and have recently introduced our two children to Dr. Korn. Dr. Korn does beautiful work. He is meticulous and explains each and every step in the process. He has kept up with the latest advances in technology to ensure a painless experience Dr. Korn and his staff have provided friendly, competent, flexible service to my entire family
I would strongly recommend Dr. Korn and his staff to anyone wanting the best in professional dental care.

Nicholas I.

August 18, 2015

I transferred to the care of Dr. Korn when a good friend recommended him to me. His office was nearby and I had known his parents by reputation and community contacts, so I was very inclined to give her strong recommendation a try. I am so grateful that I did.

Dr. Korn has given me excellent dental care for the five years I have been his patient. He has seen me on weekends when I’ve had dental emergencies, and had his very fine associate, Dr. Romano, take care of me the time that I needed help when he was out of town. Further he is a warm and interesting person whom I enjoy seeing and staying in touch with. His office staff are upbeat, welcoming and professional. That is very important to me, and is not always the case in other physician offices I have visited.

I highly recommend Dr. Korn to anyone in search of a dental professional they can both trust and enjoy.

Emily N.

Painless dentistry?
Au contraire, how about pleasant dentistry!

A visit to Dr. Steve Korn’s office is just that, pleasant in every aspect. His staff is friendly, engaging and highly skilled. Steve is the epitome of the dental professional. I’ve had the pleasure of having a lot of work done by Steve over the last 5 years and every single visit has been just that-a pleasure. And the results have been fabulous. With my new smile, I feel I’m ready for a modeling career! He’s incredibly skilled at knowing when to use any numbing procedure and equally skilled at delivering it. He’s engaging, interesting and a delight to spend time in his dental chair. On top of all that, he’s got great taste in music to entertain, soothe and calm his patients.

I couldn’t recommend any professional more highly than Dr. Stephen Korn and his exceptional team.

Alan Z.

Carolyn K, Webster
Dr Korn is fantastic. He’s even seen me for an emergency on a Saturday. I always feel safe with him. I’ve been a patient for 28 years!

Kate L., Fairport
I have been a patient at Cedarwood Dental for 20 years! All of the staff is fantastic! I always receive wonderful treatment and am always made to comfortable.

Greg D, Rochester
I've been a patient for 22 years, that should say it all.

Ben H, Ontario
Friendly staff and great service!

Mikayla, Pittsford
Bonnie is incredible! All of the staff at Cedarwood are so kind, knowledgeable, and really care about their patients.

Audrey L., Fairport
Stacy is the best hygienist ever! Girls in the office are very friendly!

Doug M, Pittsford
I’ve been going to Cedarwood forever. They are always outstanding (even if they found a cavity).

Susan Sproule , Fairport
Always on time, love Libby and Stacey! Thanks

Ashley F
5 Stars to everyone at Cedarwood

Edna V, Fairport
Stacy is fabulous. So gentle for my cleanings and I'm a baby. Thank you